Explore. Fight. Die.

A fast-paced FPS action game set in a whimsical procedural fantasy world. Explore the wilderness and repel a demonic horde with devastating magical spells.

Explore. Fight. Die.

A new fantasy fps


everything wants to kill you

Rogue Islands is an action-FPS set in a whimsical fantasy world with procedural levels and permadeath.

You control a nimble, light-footed Gnome Wizard named Motwort. He can run, jump, levitate, swim and cast powerful magical spells.

What you lack in armor and defenses, you make up for in speed and magic.



choose which islands to sail to… and which to avoid

There are 7 unique island types, brimming with forests, mountains, caves, ruins, creatures and bosses.

Each biome offers unique challenges and opportunities. The Florid Vale tempts you with ample Mana Charge, but it’s a dangerous place early in the game while you’re weak and vulnerable. The Golden Forest contains the legendary Charred Switch wand, but it’s infested with Hell Bats.

Learn how to exploit each biome and pick your battles.



after sunset, the islands become inhospitable

Use Spark Shot to mine blocks from the earth, or pick away at enemies from afar.

Or get up close and unleash a massive electric Zap; instantly reducing small foes to a smoking heap.

If things get out of control, summon a Swarm of wasps to take the heat or protect yourself with a sentient Bolt that defends you against sneak attacks.

Use Inferno to scorch the land, leaving behind a trail of molten blocks. Or charge up a Flame Burst and reduce your enemies to a crater of glowing ash.

Alternatively, you can forgo attacking altogether, save your mana and use it to leap and Levitate to safety. Some encounters are best avoided.



fire in the canopy and spinefish down below

The islands of Vitalor are infested with a demonic invasion. Bloated Hell Bats spit fireballs that burst and ignite the canopy. Wretched Shaman glide gracefully over the landscape, casting ferocious bolts of energy that can fry you in a single blast. Ghasts relentlessly hunt you under the stars. And bony Spinefish lurk in the watery depths… ensuring that no place is safe.

Enemies crawl, walk, fly and swim across the world with conviction. They are powerful, numerous and relentless. As if that wasn’t enough, your reward for making it past them is to face off against their Masters; the four Lords of Torment.



refuel your ship between each island

The islands are rich with Diamonds, Emeralds and Rubies. Imbue them with the spirit of your fallen foes. Then use them to power 9 wildly different spells. Decide whether to spend your precious Spirit Gems to upgrade your existing spells or unlock new ones.

Your most powerful spells consume rare minerals. Keep an eye out for veins of Adamant and Flamestone to power your earth and flame spells.

Your ship runs on Imbued Coal, a special fuel crafted from Coal Tar and Spirit Dust. You can’t leave the island without it. And don’t forget to forage for Food, you can’t regenerate health on an empty stomach!

the view from the base of the First Great Tree

With each play-through, you will accumulate the necessary experience to survive and defeat The Lords of Torment.

If you persist, you will eventually make it to The Gasping Burrows and face down the game’s final boss, The Prime Torment