Rogue Islands Community

Sunset in a florid vale.

New Website!

We’re prepping for our Early Access release on Steam and part of that is ensuring that we have avenues to engage with our community of players.

Why Early Access?

We are using Early Access to help us guide Rogue Islands according to player feedback. But for that to happen, we need to clearly communicate our development goals and priorities. As well as providing a space for feedback and discussion. Some of that will happen on the Steam forums, and some of that will happen here.

MOAR Updates!

We have a very fast build-turnaround time (like, insanely fast). For example, just this morning I got feedback on some balancing issues with the Ghasts (everyone agreed there were too many of them and they were too fast). I had them tuned and fixed and a new build uploaded for testing within about 30 minutes! After our Early Access launch, I’ll be pushing these regular updates to our Steam players as rapidly as possible.

This kind of tight interaction really excites me because it means I can try 10x more things than would otherwise be possible. And as we all know, your iteration speed ultimately determines your level of quality.

Check back here for the latest news on Rogue Islands’ development!