Rogue Islands Coming to Early Access

We’ve been approved to release Rogue Islands on Steam Early Access.

Why Early Access?

We are looking for assistance in two primary areas: gameplay balance and content direction.

We want a player base that will help us balance the gameplay and provide feedback on our current direction.

There are so many elements in Rogue Islands that need to work together; enemies, loot drop rates, loot spawn rates, treasure spawning, enemies hit points, enemy speeds, enemy damage, spell damage, player speed, progression and on and on.

It has become very difficult for us to determine what fits, what is working and what needs balancing. We think we have a game that is decently balanced, and very fun. But we won’t know until we get the game into the hands of a decent number of players.

We play the game all day every day which makes it very hard for us to see the experience with fresh eyes. We have an extremely rapid pace of development which makes it easy for us to incorporate player feedback and tune the gameplay.

Join up!

To read more about what we want to do in Early Access, please check out our Steam store page.