Rogue Islands Strategy Guide

Hi my name is Jasmine and I worked as a designer on Rogue Islands. Rogue Islands is a difficult game, but knowing the many ways to take advantage of the environment can give you the edge you need to repel the demonic invasion and make it all the way to The Prime Torment.

Watch our Strategy Guide below or scroll further to read though the survival tips!

Don’t play while hungry! Hunger negatively affects your jump height and movement speed and it slows your health regeneration significantly.

Master levitation. Jump and press-hold jump again while in the air to levitate. You can levitate farther by walking off a ledge and then holding the jump button. And you can levitate twice as far while digesting a Peppy Acorn.

Don’t fall of cliffs! Yes there is fall damage. But you can avoid it by eating Puffed beans which can be found growing at high altitudes.

Be careful around water (spinefish lurk in the depths and your magic evaporates when it touches water).

Don’t get poisoned! Stay away from Dark Roses and watch out for bees and other hazards that poison your blood. You won’t be able to regenerate health while poisoned.

Don’t let your health get to low. You’ll get traumatized which affects your ability to levitate and heal.

Gurgleweed if essential. You can find it growing in deep water. So take a look around the perimeter of the island. Eating it will instantly cure both poison AND trauma. But most importantly it can be crafted into Nightmares.

Speaking of which, ALWAYS have a nightmare in your inventory. If you die, you will wake up on your ship, as if from a Nightmare. If you don’t have one, it’s game over. Of course, Hardcore mode doesn’t have any nightmares.

Be careful at nighttime. Ghasts patrol in the moonlight. They will hunt you down and rapidly drain your life. But they cannot see you while digesting a Lucent Cherry! So save the cherries for the night.

Use food strategically. Pumpkins will instantly boost your health. Wild bulbs instantly fill your mana pools, Peppy Acorns give you lighting reflexes. Store food in your backpack and check your inventory to learn what it does.

Keep an eye out in the geological strata, especially the dark rocks. You’ll find purple mana charge which helps you jump higher, levitate longer and cast greater spells. You can mind green adamant which is consumed by earth spells and red flamestone which powers your fire spells.

It’s best to start collecting early, so that when you get your earth and fire wands later in the game you are powerful enough to wield them.

Also look out for diamonds, emeralds and rubies which can be crafted into Spirit Gems which unlock new spells and upgrade existing ones.

But most of all, keep your wits about you. Don’t rush into battles. Run away if you get overwhelmed and check your map often to avoid getting lost.

With these tips in mind, you stand a chance against the demonic forces that have infected the Rogue Islands.