Rogue Islands was developed by Big Fat Alien Corp. We’re a small independent software developer with a remote team based out of Edmonton, Canada. Our last game, BEEP, has been on Steam since 2011.

A Brief History of the Project

Work began on Rogue Islands in 2014, though back then it was called ‘Radium’ and it was a science fiction mining game. As development progressed, the concept evolved and morphed. We continually found ourselves wishing that we could shed some of the thematic constraints of science fiction. And we found it difficult to shoehorn some desirable gameplay systems into a science fiction framework.

Roughly 18 months into development we made the crazy decision to morph it completely into a fantasy-based action-oriented shooter. We constrained the design and refocused on our core gameplay loop, (explore, plan, engage). It was like a great weight had been lifted and the game rapidly progressed with this new direction.

Beta testing began in the spring of 2017 and we were able to incorporate lots of great feedback from the community. The fully finished game released on September 12th 2017, under the publisher Keystone Games although Keystone is no longer our publishing partner.

Rogue Islands Team

Jasmine Ritchie – Owner, CEO & Lead Developer

Jasmine makes sure that Rogue Islands looks beautiful and plays great. Her background is in vector illustration and design. In addition to taking care of all aspects of the business, Jasmine does all of the community management, environment modeling, texturing and character design. She is married to lead programmer, Kiaran Ritchie.

Kiaran Ritchie – Programming

Kiaran was the original programmer for Rogue Islands. He comes from a background in technical art and animation for AAA games. He is married to Jasmine Ritchie and they have three children together.

Damon Connolly – Music

Damon has written an original 12-track score for Rogue Islands. With influences ranging from Skyrim to Stranger Things, Damon’s music gives Rogue Islands a modern feel with a evocative, minimalist style that meshes perfectly with the gameplay and visuals. When Damon isn’t writing music, he can be found toying with assembly code, practicing digital sculpture or playing airsoft.