The Birth of Vitalor

At the dawn of Vita‘s reign, twelve seeds were scattered across the barren ocean world of Vitalor.

Vita‘s seeds took root in the depths of the oceans and summoned forth the first islands. From the land was spawned twelve Great Trees whose roots channeled the essence of Vita‘s power from the core of the planet.

As Vita‘s essence spread, it imbued the islands with life and vigor. Massive structures rose from the depths; a rich flora blossomed and creatures thrived.

Curious Newcomers

For eons Vitalor flourished. Life on Vitalor took many forms, but it was the Deeproot Gnomes, with their insatiable curiosity, who first discovered the profound energy that infused their lands.

The Gnomes of The Deeproot Clan, born of The Great Grove itself, possessed the unique ability to indirectly converse with their Creator. Through a process of merging with The First Grove, the elders of The Deeproot Clan tapped into Vita‘s stream; revealing to them the wonders of Vitalor‘s true nature.

They soon learned to channel Vita‘s essence through living wands. They mastered levitation and the natural forces of Fire, Earth and Raw energy. For thousands of years, they lived in a peaceful balance; content to revel in the beauty of their world and delve deeper into it’s mysteries.

Visions of The Apocalypse

It was three millennia since The First Merging when Blotmead felt a disturbance. As The Deeproot Clan‘s eldest Master of Essence, Blotmead was in the final stages of embracing the roots of The Great Grove. Merging with the Grove is a long process; and the highest honor in Deeproot culture.

But as he slipped into eternal oneness with Vita, Blotmead stirred one last time, with eyes wide he called for a meeting with Motwort and the clan elders.

Starring intently past the gathering, Blotmead‘s final whisper floated out like a faint breeze, “Vita‘s stream fades. The Grove is wilting. A Dark Void saps our essence.” His gaze fading now, “the void is nigh!”.

And with that, Blotmead closed his eyes and passed into an eternal slumber at the base of The Great Grove. For days, The Deeproot Clan debated the meaning of Blotmead’s dire warning.

Was it a test? Delirium? Revelation? It wasn’t until the leaves of The Great Grove wilted and began to fall that The Deeproot Clan agreed to investigate the other Great Trees.

With his ship, The Tawny Mote, Motwort set out to find the source of The Dark Void and, if possible, release it’s horrible grip on the roots of Vitalor.