Rogue Islands Development

We cannot provide exact dates on when each feature will be ready, or even promise that every feature will be completed to the degree that it is planned here. Building software is difficult and sometimes when expectations meet reality, plans have to change. That’s just life.

But we do promise that we will be open and honest about when plans change.

Last Updated JUNE 10 2017

Main Progress

These items are currently being actively developed.

Green items are completed. Orange items are in progress.  Red items are not started yet.

Core Technology

  • Multi-threaded voxel mesh reduction
  • Volumetric voxel light-map generation
  • Edge-based terrain ambient occlusion
  • Unified voxel/PhysX raycasting
  • Terrain destruction and physics
  • Multi-threaded A* voxel pathfinding
  • Terrain fire, acid and heat systems
  • Underwater rendering
  • Flare rendering and occlusion
  • High quality text rendering
  • Full keyboard/mouse/gamepad support
  • Remappable keys
  • Save / Load game system & UI

Procedural Environments

  • Multi-threaded terrain generation
  • Biome-specific terrain generation
  • Procedural cave-structure generator
  • Voxel asset scattering system
  • Prefab asset scattering system
  • Voxelizer voxel modeling tool (Maya based)
  • Day-night cycle, clouds, moon, sun & stars
  • Biome foliage, trees and bushes
  • Temples, castles and ruins
  • Block materials and textures

Spells & Abilities

  • Raw Spell 1: Spark Shot
  • Raw Spell 2: Zap
  • Raw Spell 3: Bolt
  • Earth Spell 1: Seekers
  • Earth Spell 2: Block Shot
  • Earth Spell 3: Swarm
  • Fire Spell 1: Inferno
  • Fire Spell 2: Scorch
  • Fire Spell 3: Flame Burst
  • Mana Levitation
  • Eating / Health Regeneration
  • Mana Charge Upgrade
  • Crafting & Inventory
  • Map and Quest Log
  • Slow-motion spell selector wheel
  • Food side effects
  • Hardcore/Hard game modes

Bosses & Quests

  • Intro cinematic
  • Ending cinematic
  • Generic Bitumen Quest
  • Demon Portal Quest
  • Florid Peaks Tree-Shield Quest
  • Florid Peaks ‘Dark Mother’ boss fight
  • Golden Waste ‘Crown’ Quest
  • Golden Waste ‘Horik’ boss fight
  • Mottled Slag ‘Putrid Bile’ Quest
  • Mottled Slag ‘Bloat’ boss fight
  • Sinking Cliffs ‘Tower of Pain’ Quest
  • Gasping Burrows ‘Great Tree’ Quest
  • Gasping Burrows ‘Prime Torment’ boss

Enemies & AI

  • AI State Machine framework
  • Demon death VFX
  • Bones enemy
  • Waspet enemy
  • Dark Tick enemy
  • Hell Bat enemy
  • Vile Shaman enemy
  • Popper enemy
  • Bone Knight enemy
  • Ghast enemy
  • Spinefish enemy
  • Cave Spider
  • Shambler enemy
  • Cave Spikes
  • Misc Passive Hazards

Music & Sound

  • Dynamic music blending system
  • Enemy SFX
  • Player SFX
  • Spell and attack SFX
  • UI and level select SFX
  • Ambient sound effects
  • Title track
  • Florid tracks (peaceful/aggro)
  • Golden tracks (peaceful/aggro)
  • Swamp tracks  (peaceful/aggro)
  • Cliff tracks  (peaceful/aggro)
  • Burrows tracks  (peaceful/aggro)

Stretch Goals

These are features that are planned a little farther out and are therefore at a greater risk of being delivered late, or possibly not at all. In fact, we will NOT be including these as part of the v1.0 main release.

But in the interest of full transparency, this is the long term direction we are taking Rogue Islands:

Creative Mode

  • User-controlled island designer
  • Creative-mode first person movement (floating)
  • Block-type selector wheel
  • Brush-size selector for large scale modifications
  • Add/remove blocks feature
  • Post island online
  • Discover and explore user islands
  • User defined enemy spawn points
  • Enter ‘Play’ mode in user island

Co-Op Multiplayer

  • Join or Host UI
  • Matchmaking UI
  • Direct IP connection
  • Server / client gameplay architecture
  • Support dynamic server migration
  • Punch through firewall